Zilvinas Kempinas at Yvon Lambert

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
Remember the last time I told you about him? When I was in Berlin... We can definitely see the evolution of his work, which has grown increasingly, through this exhibition, the first one at the Lambert Gallery.

He took possession of the gallery to create a surreal and magical space. He has transformed architectural spaces and light to create optical effects. Unwound magnetic tapes and fans which are now lit are dancing in the middle of this futurist ballroom. Ambiance is multiplied by the reflections of the spinning lights in fluctuating panels of Mylar.

In the same time, several beautiful paintings made by Roman Opalka, a French artist with Polish origins, are showed in the gallery. It's also his first solo exhibition with Yvon Lambert. His main project is to work on the passage of time. His paintings represent a sequence of numbers from "One" to "the Infinite"...

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