Good morning contemporary art lovers!
As you may know there's approximatively one art fair per month. Sometimes more! That's a lot of time and money to go to each of them. For the first time in the art world, an international art fair will be viewed exclusively online...

The VIP - Viewing In Private - art fair was founded by James Cohan, Jane Cohan, Jonas Almgren and Alessandra Almgren. James Cohan is an art dealer. He worked for the John Weber gallery, the Paula Cooper gallery and the Anthony d'Offay gallery. He created his own gallery in NY in 1999 and opened a second one in Shangai in 2008. Jane Cohan, his partner, is in charge of the press relations. Jonas and Alessandra Almgren are "art lovers" and combine their passion for art with their experience from the Silicon Valley: management and technology for him; high-tech marketing and business development for her.

Without leaving home, we'll be able to see the works of art (even zoom on the one we are interested in), to talk to the dealers (through msn, Skype...), to access the private rooms... There are many ways to visit the fair. Some visits are organized by art critics, some other by art collectors or art dealers. The VIP lounge is dedicated to the viewing of videos and movies about the fair or the visits of ateliers and privates collections. Articles about new works available and art market will be posted.

That's an unprecedented event. The world's leading contemporary art galleries are represented such as Gagosian, David Zwirner, Kamel Mennour, Massimo de Carlo, Lisson, Marlborough, Thaddeus Ropac, the Pace gallery, Almine Rech... Opening the 22th of January and for one week only. I got my VIP pass, what about you? ;)


Emmanuelle Bousquet

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
She's a French emerging photographer that I discovered in NY last Fall. The RFT Fine Art gallery hosted an exhibition during three weeks. It's a "Pop Up" gallery for temporary projects. Born in NĂ®mes, she lives ans works in Paris. Her work, sensual and very erotic, brings us into her own world, a world mystic and fantasmatic.

Most of her works show us females modeles and androgynous figures both represented such as ghosts and spectra. They are posing in a private and intimate area. There is a duality between a cool and weighty atmosphere; the "sweet as honey" aspect of the picture itself and the intense character of the subject...

She's her main model. She wanted to be seen through her camera like through the eyes of a man. Test succeeded.


Thierry Bisch

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
Let me introduce to you this French artist, Thierry Bisch. He's into everything. He's a painter, a drawer but he's also one of the founders of an independant rock label: Reflexes. He worked with the French designer Thierry Mugler who pushed him to become an artist. He wrote and produced a movie about him and he was his personal photograph assistant.

Portraits of animals became one of the most important part of his work for some time. Most of them are executed in black charcoal on a monochrom, faded and worn linen. The Pink Rabbit is certainly the high spot of his career. In 2010, brushes, paint and canvases disappear in favour of graphic palette and aluminium. Prints are avalaible at LCT Publishing...

He's one the major artists who work at the Hotel Lutetia in Paris  and he has been nominated "Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres", famous French distinction, in 2007.