John McCracken at David Zwirner

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
Once John said: "My works are minimal and reductive, but also maximal. I try to make them concise, clear statements in three-dimensional form, and also to take them to a breathtaking level of beauty." To those who really like minimal art, you're gonna love this exhibition!

The four stainless steel sculptures, entitled Star, Infinite, Dimension and Electron and made in 2010, are emplaced in the middle of a big empty room. The columns, basically made for outdoor space, are polished to produce a high degree of reflexion and it creates an interaction between the fours. Material used seems to be breakable, delicate but strong and dense in the mean time. This installation is zen, geometrical, elegant and it's the perfect definition of what Minimal is.

To seen in the mean time: a selection of drawings and three-dimensional objects made by Al Taylor, an American artist who lives and works in the City. He tries to extend all the possibilities of vision that the viewer has by creating new ways of experiencing and imaging space. he doesn't make any difference between his drawings and his "sculptures" which are to him: "drawings in space"...

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