BOMB Magazine Anniversary!!!!

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
HAPPY BDAY BOMB Mag!!!! we all enjoyed the party!!!

BOMB Magazine, one of the most respected voices in contemporary art and literature, celebrated its 32nd anniversary with a gala benefit dinner and auction of contemporary artworks last week at Capitale in New York City.
On Friday, the Honorary Chairs, including Jon Robin Baitz, Melva Bucksbaum and Raymond Learsy, gathered for the gala alongside young Patron Chair Joe Sheftel. This year the benefit honored Trisha Brown, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Kyle DeWoody and Raymond Pettibon. Each honoree was given a Pink BOMB by Tom Otterness, which was presented after a rousing toast to each honoree by Trustee Chairmen Klaus Kertess, Adam Weinberg and Lawrence Weiner.
Betsy Sussler said of the honor; “This year BOMB is focusing on legacy and its impact on the future. BOMB delivers the artist’s voice-in BOMB and on BOMBsite with its emerging artists and writers’ BOMBlog and its DIGITAL ARCHIVE, an ongoing and vibrant record of New York City’s cultural history, from 1981 into the future. This is reflected in our choice of honorees: Beth DeWoody’s vision in both curating and philanthropy as passed on to Kyle DeWoody, in the Trisha Brown Dance Company’s perpetuation of her legacy, to Raymond Pettibon’s iconoclastic reach into Americana for his subject matter.”

Décor was by Madeline Weinrib, music supplied by Kim Gordon, select frames provided by Minagawa Art Lines.  The invitation design is by Everything Studio.

Whitney Museum Hosts 22nd Annual American Art Award

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
Congratulations to all the honorees. Thanks to them, Whitney art collection grows for the enjoyment of young and old alike!!!

Each years individuals and organisations that have made a sustained commitment to the artistic and cultural heritage of the arts in America are honored with an original artwork commissioned from an American artist. This year at the 22nd Annual American Art Awards, held in New York City, artist Anne Colller created the works which were presented to the honorees at a gala dinner.
This year’s honorees were: Reed Krakoff (pictured above), the Creative Director of his own eponymous brand and Coach, who is a fervent art collector, supporter of artists and art collections, including the Whitney; Martin Z. Margulies, a Miami-­based collector, and founder of the Martin Z. Margulies Foundation, who recently made a $5 millions bequest to the Whitney; The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, which supports the Whitney exhibitions and programs, and recently pledged a $500,000 gift to the Capital Campaign; and Michael Ward Stout, the founding partner of the New York law firm Stout Thomas & Johnson, and a tireless advocate for artists and curators.
The evening included a special performance by Martha Wainwright at the Highline Stages, and an auction of Reed Krakoff tote bags which raised a total of $16,500.


Good morning contemporary art lovers!
your loss it was really cool ;) ;)

James Houston, photographer, director, and activist, was born in 1965, in Sydney, Australia. He began studying ceramic sculpture and design at school, and his background as a sculptor eventually influenced his graphic photographic style. While on a business trip to Tokyo in 1990, Houston bought a second-hand Nikon 35mm camera – at that time photography was just a hobby. However, his passion soon grew, and in 1993 he started working as a photographer. His first photographic exhibition, titled “Black and Blue”, focused on the human form interacting with nature and landscapes. Five award winning international books have been published on his work.

Houston’s latest project is Natural Beauty, which aims to raise awareness for the environment and funds for the environmental non-profit Global Green USA. In collaboration with MILK, Houston shot a series of striking portraits featuring some of the world’s leading models and celebrities. These captivating photographs bring together two of Houston’s great passions – the human form and the natural world. Natural Beauty launched at MILK Gallery in New York City this month. Houston also directed a web series on the ‘making of’ Natural Beauty, as well as several film installations for the exhibition.


One-on-one with Fashion photographer Thorsten Roth

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers! 
Born and raised in Germany, photograph Thorsten Roth moved in the USA in 2002. He now lives and works in NYC. He studied visual communication/photo-film-design and at the same time began to work in advertising and photojournalism. Right after his studies at the Fachhochschule Bielefeld (Germany) he started working for Conde Nast in Paris as a free-lance photo assistant. Roth's photography was published in Tatler Magazine, Marie-Claire, Cosmopolitan, MR Magazine, El Pais Semanal, Libération, Figaro, Jazz Magazine, URB Magazine, Dime Magazine, and MAR Magazine among others...

First time you realized you were born to be a photographer?

“I was around fifteen and the best student in a photography school class. I had started taken pictures and filming Super 8 three years prior but at this point I became very conscious about my fascination even obsession with photography. I was driving around on my little motor­cycle to find interesting things to shoot: landscapes, people, buildings ­ I also read anything about photography I could get into my hands.
At one point I saw a documentary about Oliviero Toscani on T.V. creative­directing and shooting Benetton and it made 'Click' in me and my guts told me: "You have something going on just like this guy."
Long story short ­ all of this lead for pursuing studies in Photo­/Film at one of the best German Design­Colleges and moving to Paris. It turned out that ten years after seeing the documentary I was standing as an assistant with Oliviero on a Benetton Photo­Set.

Funny how life turns out when you want something real bad! :)”

Who have inspired you to become an artist?

“I owe that certainly to my teachers and my education ­ at the beginning my family was not really crazy about my choice. It was through the exposure to art in museums, exhibitions and watching documentaries and movies on T.V. that provided inspiration.
Artistically I grew up with Bauhaus, New Objectivity and German Expressionism ­ I loved particularly the painters Max Beckmann, George Grosz, Otto Dix ­ on the film side certainly Fritz Lange ­ later on Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Volker Schloendorff and Wim Wenders.

In college I really fell in love with French Impressionism which lead to the decision to move to Paris after college and to the result that I've lived there for twelve years.”


Thank you Thorsten! Well I guess there is only to add to this interview: Break a leg... 

All images © 2013 All rights reserved by Thorsten Roth. For more information on Thorsten Roth, please visit his website


Exclusive Interview with travel writer Francisca Matteoli

Good evening contemporary art lovers!
Chilean, with a Scottish mother, Francisca Mattéoli spent her childhood in Latin America. After living in Brazil, she now resides in Paris and is the author of numerous travel books published in more than ten countries and translated in several languages. As a travel writer, she has also been published in, among others, National Geographic France and Conde Nast Traveller.
Born and raised in South America, you have Scottish roots and you live in Paris. Do you feel having the urge to travel since you were a little girl?
Yes. When I lived in Chile, I was travelling in imagination before I started travelling myself, thinking about the places where my parents and grandparents have been and imagining their adventures. I was also travelling at home ­ in a way ­, with my parents and their 2 nationalities, so different. It was a normal thing for me and I suppose that is why I became a travel writer. I felt always really myself between two worlds.
Absolutely. They have been an inspiration for me. They show a world that does not exist anymore, the golden age of travels, and also, each page tells a story – about my roots, my family history, their travels, around the globe and, in the chilean countryside. They sumerize everything I am.

Please tell us about the photo albums your mother made. Could we say that you traveled through them?
Absolutely. They have been an inspiration for me. They show a world that does not exist anymore, the golden age of travels, and also, each page tells a story – about my roots, my family history, their travels, around the globe and, in the chilean countryside. They sumerize everything I am.