The Ten Commandments at the Discovery Time Square

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
The parchment was discovered with 900 other manuscripts in 1947 in Khirbet Qumran in Transjordan. Property of Israel, the parchment will be exhibited only two weeks at the Discovery Time Square until the January 2nd and will be a part of a new exhibition: “Dead Sea Scrolls: Life and Faith in Biblical Times” curated by Risa Levitt Kohn.

This very small document (18 x 3 inches) is the oldest known text of the ten Commandments, the most complete and best preserved. Time after time, the parchment became darker and the ink was discolored. The scroll can’t be exposed under the light and is usually kept in a safe in Israel. Experts date it 51 BC but his author remain unknown. Many scholars believe that all the manuscripts, including the Ten Commandments one, were written by members of a sect who broke away from mainstream Judaism and lived in the desert.

The scroll was discovered by a young shepherd. He threw away a pebble in a cave and it broke a crock. When he came the day after he realized that he found an archeological siteThat’s how the parchments could have been showed to the world. 


Damien Hirst invades the world!!

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
As you may know Damian Hirst is about to invade the eleven galleries that Gagosian owns all over the world. To those who thinks that he is way too exposed, well too bad for you because his Spot Paintings will be exhibited in January 2012 all in the same time in the galleries. 

Ten years ago, Hirst started thinking about how he could dominate the world. As the Tate Modern and Saatchi didn't want to be a part of his project, he asked his art dealer to be his sponsort. After like six months of intensive researchs, 300 paintings will be hung on the walls of the eleven galleries. if some of the paintings will be on sale, most of them are lended by private collectors. these will be exposed in the closest gallery to where they are. For example paintings that belong to European collections will be exhibited in the London gallery. Most of the circular ones are located in the East Coast of the US. They will be exposed in New York. 
The Spot Paintings series represent the battle between handmade and industrial work. By far one can say that these paintings were made by a machine. But the closest you are the more you realize they were handmade. One can see holes made by compasses, lines of pencil... 

Damien Hirst "The Complete Spot Paintings 1986-2011" will open simultaneously in Paris, New York, Beverly Hills, Romw, Athens, Geneva, Hong Kong and London on January 12th and will end in February/March, depends on locations.