Chelsea Fall 2010!!

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
After an amazing summer in Ibiza (thanks T.), I'm finally back in the City... Hhhmmm it's freezing! I already told you about Filomeno, Rob Pruitt, John McCracken, Opalka and Kempinas... But there are so many others exhibitions right now!

One of the most impressive exhibition is certainly the one hosted by the Pace Gallery: 50 years at Pace. A multi-venue retrospective is shown at the gallery on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. It relates us the history of the gallery and who have influenced its narrative over the past five decades (artists, people, ideas...). The exhibition is divided in four parts according to the different locations and each gallery explores a different side of the Pace's history. This exhibition is a feast for the eyes!!

Gagosian gallery hosts an interesting exhibition: Transport. The "Silver Surf" is my favorite piece. Here Marc Newson tries to explore the full range of his vehicle design and it shows us his obsession with human and mechanical locomotion. But please guys, try to be a little bit more original!! After the boat made by Xavier Vheillan at the beginning of the year - and which by the way hasn't been sold during an auction this summer - the Newson's reinterpretation of a Riva is exposed...

The Interrupted Image is the new exhibition hosted by the Nicholas Robinson gallery. Five artists who live and work all around the world were worked together to create this group show. Wafaa Bilal's work is interactive and very funny. For those who know Edouard Manet's paintings, you'll be amused by his own interpretation of A Bar at the Folies Bergeres. Unless you are a very big fan... you'll be shocked because it's a mix of painting, photograph, video, and you're a part of the work!

Usually the Winston Wachter gallery is one of my favorite. They are very good to discover new contemporary emerging artists. I really like the new exhibition of Betsy Eby: Scales and Measures but it smells!! Artists who use encaustic technique often forget this problem. Here she tried to express the feeling of music by making it visible. Each painting is a particular piece of music. It's very charming, calm and the funny thing is that it can make you think of some paintings and drawings made by contemporary Chinese artists...

Heroes of Birth at the Luhring Augustine gallery brings us into a very particular world, insane, fantastic, magic, scary in the same time. it's the third Pipilotti Rist's solo exhibition at the gallery. You'll see a triptych of LCD screens mounted on the wall in the first room. Cascading fabrics that descend from the ceiling and become undulating canvases in the second one. And finally in the last room, a huge chandelier made of underpants - collected from the artist and her family and friends - is suspended from the ceiling.

And to those who missed the Matisse exhibition, no worries it wasn't so impressive! Go to Chelsea and if it's raining go to the Park restaurant on 17th st. and 10th av...

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