"Unpainted Paintings" at Luxembourg & Dayan

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
Such as many galleries in the Upper East Side, Luxembourg & Dayan gallery isn't seen from the outside. For those who don't know that this is a gallery, they can walk by in the street and missing one of the most beautiful exhibition I've seen recently. Exhibition takes place in a cute little four-stories townhouse.

Curated by Alison Gingeras (chief curator at Palazzio Grassi), this exhibition is very unique and shows us some paintings that were never been seen before. Show features artists from 1950's to these days: Jean Dubuffet, Raymond Hains, Piero Manzoni, Robert Rauschenberg, Julian Schnabel, Lynda Benglis, Sheila Hicks... to name but a few! One can say that this exhibition has been held in a very sincere way, with no pretension at all and it's hard to believe that there are many masterpieces hidden behind that little house!!

Exhibition is on view at 64 east 77th st, Manhattan and runs until May 27th. An illustrated catalogue will be published in summer 2011.


"George Condo: Mental States" Last Days...

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
For those who haven't seen the exhibition yet, there is only a few days left and it's worth. George Condo is an American visual artist who lives and works in New York and who is know for being a part of the new emerging East Village art scene. His paintings are very specific and the New Museum shows a lot of them.

Condo's paintings are figurative but not realistic. One can say that it's a bit much. And I can understand. To appreciate his paintings you have to read between the lines. Paintings are humorous, funny, grotesque, absurd, and some of them are a caricature of classical masterpieces. His work is very prolific and one can easily say that his bank of references is huge and his knowledge impressive.  He gives an acerbic critic of our post-humanistic society.

The exhibition is accompanied by a beautiful 190-pages catalogue and runs til the end of the week. He's also know for his collaboration with Kanye West who is gonna make a performance at the next MoMA garden party.