Rob Pruitt, Pattern and Degradation

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
Gavin Brown Entreprise, in collaboration with his neighboring gallery Maccarone, hosts a new major exhibition of Rob Pruitt new works. This partnership between both galleries gives them the opportunity to create a succession of ambitious exhibitions across three exhibitions spaces.

This exhibition takes inspiration from the Amish tradition of Rumspringa, a pennsylvanian term that means "running around" - Amish adolescents are allowed to go out from their lifestyle and explore the outside. According to him, an artist should be ever in that position; an unbridled human, indifferent to convention and with every avenue open to him.

These sculptures are particularly awesome! Made of bundled stacks of flattened cardboards, they are like  many little anthropomorphic monsters who wander in the gallery with their enormous eyes stared!
Go for it, exhibition runs until October 23rd.

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  1. Recuperation? Arte Povera? Not very new I would say...