Actress Victoria Monfort Shares Her Fashion Tips & Tricks

Good morning contemporary art and fashion lovers!
Check out the interview of my dear dear friend Victoria. She is an emerging actress, her career is exploding and her fashion tips are super useful.
Victoria Monfort is a French actress and blogger—with a killer sense of style. We sat down together to chat about her fashion and beauty tips, her travel experiences, and her exciting film career.

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Fashion Designer Georgine Ratelband Dishes About the New Trends of the Season

Good evening contemporary art and fashion lovers!
When I met Georgine a few years ago, I fell for her design at the first sight.
She is a wonderful woman, very talented. Her clothes are chic, elegant, timeless and I am blessed being a part of in her inner circle. 
Dutch born Georgine Ratelband graduated from Milan’s Istituto Europeo di Design in 2011 and created her eponym brand Georgine three years ago. Her Spring 2015 collection, which is inspired by the ’70s, received much acclaim during New York Fashion Week.

Check the whole interview we did for Haute Living:

‘Extra Virgin’ Star Gabriele Corcos Dishes About Food & Romance

Good evening contemporary art lovers!
Gabriele Corcos is not only a great cook, but also a great writer. The Florence born chef currently stars with his wife,Debi Mazar, in “Extra Virgin” on Cooking Channel. Throughout the show, the duo has given viewers a ringside seat into their inner circle—from running a farm in Tuscany to hosting dinner parties at their Brooklyn home.

I got the chance to meet him and Debi last Spring through of good friend of us and I asked him about doing this interview. We chatted about his unique cooking style, his must-have kitchen gadgets, and his ultimate dinner party guest list.

Gabriele, Debi, I thank you both so much for having did it and I looking forward to go to one of your dinners :)

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Fashion Night Out : Abolitionita Benefit

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
The Set NYC started from an idea. Personally witnessing that rising talent in New York City lacked a supportive network and structure, The Set NYC was founded by R. Lai, L. Mordis, R. Taliver, and Pim in February 2008 to build a positive community. The Set has achieved this goal by providing these creative personalities a platform for promotion, a relaxed and unique atmosphere to showcase talent, and entertaining productions to build connections within the industry. 

A few days ago, I went to this great benefit The Set NYC organized in order to help and support to stop child slave sex trafficking. Guests were invited to attend runway shows by designers Joy Hu Collection and Reverie NY. They wandered around several booths such like the one occupied by emerging artist Kate Wasserbach. 

Art lovers, fashionistas, as well as philanthropists were welcomed to interact with others, eating artisanal chcolates and cocktails by NYC finest chocolatiers. They also admire art exhibitions by East Coast.




Stir, Splatter + Roll Charity Gala 2014

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
Publicolor hosted their annual benefit, Stir, Splatter + Roll on April 22, 2014 at Martin Luther King Jr. High School. Following cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, guests were invited to showcase their own artistic ability! We covered our festive outfits with jumpsuits provided by Tyveck and designed our own tote bags alongside notable artists and designer. At the end of the event, attendees were able purchase their totes at the suggested price of $50 to $100. Artist Rashid Johnson’s table raised $2,300 and one tote bag sold for $400.
The event also honored Michael Kaiser, President of the Kennedy Center. Actress Bernadette Peters presented him with his award. Publicolor also honored Benjamin Moore and Gary DeBode of Edison Properties. Simon Doonan presented both with their awards.
The evening raised just under $1 million dollars. All proceeds go towards Publicolor’s mission to engage students in their education, while teaching them strong and transferable work habits so that they are prepared to be productive in both college and career.


Free Arts NYC X André Saraiva Limited Edition Prints

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers! 
To those who might don't know this non-profit organization yet let me speak to you about it. 

Free Arts NYC's mission is to help children and their families to foster self-confidence and resiliency through the arts. Educational arts and mentoring programs allow children to express themselves and let their imagination and creativity run wild. Free Arts NYC team give support to children from early childhood to teenage years.

French artist André Saraiva created a special limited edition Mr. A print for Free Arts NYC. The prints are individually hand touched/splattered and are signed by the artist. Mr. A 16″ x 16″ Hand touched screenprint Edition of 50 $250 each. 

For more information about the Free Arts NYC and buy a Andre's limited print please click on the link below:


UN Women For Peace 2014 Luncheon

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
On Friday, numerous celebrities and socialites gathered for the annual UN Women for Peace luncheon. The event was held in the breathtaking Delegates dining room at the UN in celebration of International Women’s Day.
Uma Pemmaraju acted as the master of ceremony. The Co-Chairs were Muna Rihani Al- Nasser, Deidre Imus and Sheikha Paula Al Sabah and Cindy McCain. Since its founding in 2008, the foundation has provided social, cultural, educational and empowerment programs as well as scholarships to benefit underprivileged women to study at the University for Peace. After the luncheon, attendees marched from the UN Headquarters to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza at 47th and First Avenue.


Naked Heart Foundation for Children

Good morning contemporary art lovers! 
Dear friends, 
As most of you know by now I am an art lover and there are a few charities and foundations I support. As I wish you would help me in my work, I warmly encourage you to go the next event organized by the Naked Heart Foundation on May 13th at the Grand Palais in Paris. Founded ten years ago, the foundation's mission is to ensure that every child has the two things they need for a happy, fulfilling childhood – a loving family and a safe and stimulating place to play. You will find attached all the details you need.

Thank you very much for your help and feel free to directly contact the foundation if you have any questions.
I look forward to see you there.

to learn more about the foundation: 


Fashion Photographer Pauline Darley Shares Her Definition of Beauty

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
I got the chance to meet French fashion photographer Pauline Darley a few weeks ago and to discover her work. After studying communications and completing several internships in the world of art and image, Darley progressively became a professional photographer creating ads for fashion magazines and portraits of celebrities. She has lived and worked in Paris since 2010.                             

 What is your story?                                                                         I started taking pictures when I was 17 years old simply because I was passionate about it. As far as I can remember, I never really wanted to become a professional photographer. When I moved to Paris (I am originally from Bourgogne), I took more and more pictures, shooting friends and friends of friends. Then I was asked about my rate and I got a job for a French magazine. In 2010, I decided to take up as a professional freelance photographer.                                                             
What camera do you use?                                                             
A Sony alpha 99 with a 24-70mm, a 50mm and a 85mm.

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Paula Crown Shares Her Journey from Wall Street to the Art World

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
I am pleased to introduce to you through this interview a new artist I just met: Paula Crown.
Paula Crown became a successful artist very recently. She served as Vice President of real estate finance at Salomon Brothers in New York and worked for a family-owned investment firm in Chicago. In 2012, she opted for a new artistic career and received her MFA in painting and drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Crown was previously appointed to President Obama’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities and also served a member of the board of trustees of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. She currently heads the museum’s education committee.

What made you decide to become an artist?                              
I am not sure one ever has a choice to become an artist. I asked my parents what I did before I was aware that anyone was looking…and I was always making and creating. They brought me to an adult studio at the age of 8 or 9 where I learned to paint with oils. Although my journey was indirect over the decades, it became clear to me that art was something I had to pursue full time in the last 10-15 years. I organized my life in a way to orchestrate that shift. As my four children grew older, I assembled a portfolio, took art classes at the School of the Art Institute and Anderson Ranch in Colorado with established artists and applied to art school. I reduced my for-profit work and community volunteer activities unless they had a direct relationship to my art (for example MoMA and the Presidential Committee for Arts and Humanities).

What is your background?        
I received a BA degree from Duke magna cum laude in management science where I did a concentration in Italian renaissance art with the Titian scholar Rona Goffen. In 2012, I received my MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in painting and drawing.
The road became clearer as to how I was going to find my way to a full time practice. I was accepted into the MFA program at SAIC in painting and drawing and graduated in 2012 and opened a studio the following year. Fortunately, my work has had a positive reception and I have been able to show my work at the Aspen Institute, Chicago Expo, and currently at the Dallas Contemporary Museum. More will be announced for 2014 and 2015.

What is your favorite medium and why?                                          I have a mind that is associative… I rarely see an idea in one medium or another. I think of myself as a trans-media artist for that reason. Often ideas can start with a pencil sketch that can translate into a 3D sculpture via scanning, and manipulation of that image in multiple planes. I might then animate the sketch and add audio or invert the coloration. I definitely feel more comfortable with tools of the trade that give me the satisfaction of direct mark making (i.e. brushes, markers, pencils) but I also love the image mediating power of Photoshop, processing and high resolution scanning. I paint primarily with acrylics due to allergies now.



Fashion Photographer Pauline Darley

Good evening contemporary art lovers!
Me, myself, and I by fashion photographer Pauline Darley. What an adorable girl and so gifted! Thanks to one of a very good friend of ours, my "wifey", Solweig, I got the chance to discover Pauline's work. She lives and works in Paris since 2010. After studying communication and doing several internships in the world of art and image, she progressively became a professional photographer doing mostly ads for fashion magazines  and celebs.

Copyright Pauline Darley


What must not be said to an artist!

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
Funny quotes and advices:

One of the hardest parts of being an artist is courting the seemingly endless barrage of awkward, inappropriate and downright rude comments hurled your way. Whether it's an intended compliment or an ignorant gaffe, some statements about l'arte are better left unsaid.
Thus we've compiled an unofficial guide outlining what you definitely, positively should not say to an artist, whether friend or foe. We called out to some of our favorite artists, bloggers and beloved readers for their input. If you're an artist, odds are you've heard one or more of these statements before. And for this, we apologize.
Study the egregious statements below, coupled with appropriately absurd stock photos. (Is anyone this happy while they're painting. Really?) Let us know your own most reviled statements in the comments.


art/fashion in the 21st century

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
Here is a great book that you will enjoy reading this winter. Also as there is only a few weeks left before fashion weeks, it might be time to review fundamentals!






FourTwoNine Lauch with Andy Cohen at No.8- NYC

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers! 
Last night on Thursday, September 19th, Publisher, Richard Klein, celebrated the launch of the new publication, FourTwoNine,a lifestyle magazine that will explore the worlds of celebrity, politics, and business, while presenting its readers with an editorial mix of art, culture, and fashion, through an LGBT lense. Andy Cohen, who appears on FourTwoNine's inaugural cover, celebrated at No.8 along with Lady Bunny, Sonja Morgan, Lisa Anastos, Mindy Cohn, Torkil Gudnason, Elaine Lancaster, Lori Michaels, Amy Susskind among many others! Guests enjoyed music by DJ Santana and DJ JonJon Battles while sipping Tito's Handmade vodka cocktails and Le Crema wines.

"FourTwoNine is going to appeal to a broad and engaged readership," says Sessums. "If I owned a car, I'd have as my bumper sticker 'Never Judgmental, Always Discerning.' I am hoping that that also describes our readership. I know it describes my editorial philosophy. While the magazine was created for an LGBT audience, it focuses on subjects we think our readers will find interesting, not just LGBT content. That's only one facet of who we are as people, and I think that will be only one facet of what we are as a magazine."

The launch issue will feature articles by Salman Rushdie, Michael Cunningham, Amy Fine Collins, Christopher Bram, Carrie Rickey, Brendan Lemon, Steven Thrasher, Henry Alford, Mark Jacobs, Helen Eisenbach, Amy Siskind, James Lecesne, and George Hodgman. Mark Doty, a National Book Award winner, will publish three new poems in the premiere issue. Other contributors include photographers Ruven Afanador, Christian Witkin, Torkil Gudnason, and Stewart Shining as well as illustrator Robert Risko. Also appearing in the issue are artist David Hockney and artist and model Casey Legler.

FourTwoNine will print 85,000 copies, which will be sent to subscribers and sold on newsstands throughout the country through Comag for a cover price of $12.99. The magazine was born out ofdot429, Sessum and Klein's successful media platform, which boasts over 70,000 subscribers.

Kevin Sessums, Editor in Chief
Kevin Sessums is the former Executive Editor at Interview and a Contributing Editor at Vanity Fair whose work has appeared in Playboy, Travel+Leisure, The Advocate, OUT, Elle, Marie Claire, Allure, and Parade magazines. His interviews are frequently posted on The Daily Beast website. His 2007 memoir, Mississippi Sissy, was a New York Times bestseller and won the Lambda Literary Award in the Men's Memoir/Biography category. 

Richard Klein, Publisher
Richard Klein is a successful entrepreneur and a major voice in the world of design and publishing. He is the founder and former publisher of Surface magazine, which under his direction was lauded by national media, like Vanity Fair, with such quotes as "One of the most striking new independent magazines in America." After selling Surface in 2010, Richard lead the launch of dot429 and is currently operating as the CEO and publisher of FourTwoNine.


Photo Caption: FourTwoNine Magazine Celebrates Launch Party at No.8, NYC
Photo Credit: Balthier Corfi



Good afternoon contemporary art and fashion lovers!!
On Sept 8th, 
Editor in Chief,Aaron Ward and Publisher, Greg Kadel, joined Art Director Jake Mccabe, and Senior Editor Jade Berreau celebrated the launch of their new bi-annual publication, Let's Panic,a fashion, art, and photography magazine, based in New York. Let's Panic celebrated the inaugural issue at The High Line Hotel Refectory with guests including Alexander Skarsgard, Joy Bryant, Tiesto, Erin Wasson, Michael Avedon, Christoph de Menil, Lindsey Ellingson, Fulvia Farolfi, Kenza Fourati, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Frida Gustavsson, Lady Victoria Hervey, Mark "Cobrasnake" Hunter, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, Johan Lindeberg, Maryna Linchuk, Scott Lipps, Bill Powers, Mazdack Rassi, Kerry Rhodes, Xiao Wen, Yelena Yemchuk among many more.

Let's Panic is committed to exploring the creative. Each story is a collaboration between editors and contributors which result in a cultural statement of individuality that transcends the ordinary and allows opportunities to evolve in an arena free of constraints. The result is a surprising curation of mixed talent. Honoring the art of publishing and magazines, it strives to solidify the importance of the physical printed image and word by producing an artfully crafted object.
The launch issue will feature articles by Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, John Waters, Dan Colen, Bob Recine, Vince Aletti, Kate Simon, Mary Ellen Mark, Toshio Saeki, and photography byNobuyoshi Araki, Nacio Jan Brown, Aaron Ward, Anthony Notabordino, Greg Kadel, Jacob Holdt, Harmony Korine, and Roe Ethridge, among others. Let's Panic will print 3,500 copies, which will be sent to subscribers and sold on newsstands throughout the country published by Passenger NYC, for a cover price of $60.00. The 180 page publication will be printed on 11.5 x 15.35 Inch 135 Gram Kiara Paperstock in Italy. 

AARON WARD is a New York based photographer. He is co-founder, creative director and editor in chief of Let's Panic magazine. Aaron has an uncanny knack for good times and a hunger for good work. He is an obsessive follower of photography, which has landed him in some interesting situations, from being photographed by Irving Penn to cocking Richard Avedonʼs shutter for a day. Passion and curiosity have kept him searching over a twenty year long career in photography and fashion. Always moving forward, he has tackled a wide range of roles in both fields. Now he has found a home for the full spectrum of his talents and experience as the Editor in Chief of Lets Panic! 

JADE BERREAU was born in Paris and raised in New York City. She grew up in a family with close ties to the most exciting elements of the downtown art scene of the 1980's. In her teens she began a successful ten year modeling career. Throughout the 1990's she worked some of the biggest names in fashion, including Steven Meisel, Patrick Demarchelier, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Calvn Klein. Around the turn of the century, she turned her attention to the publishing world and worked for five years as an editor with Conde Nast. With the birth of her daughter in 2007, she transitioned to editing art books and exhibitions. Most recently she co-founded Let's Panic where she has married a life time of personal and professional experience in fine art, fashion, and publishing 

JAKE MCCABE is a New York based Creative Director. As an original member of Visionaire, Jake was central to the creative development of some of the most memorable and elaborate limited edition issues, working with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, Hermes and Comme des Garcons. He was a co-founder of the ultra-fashion downtown magazine V Magazine. Jake then joined Coty Prestige, as Global Creative Director of Calvin Klein fragrances. During his time at Coty Prestige, he took on a similar creative role for Marc Jacobs fragrances, leading the charge in fragrance packaging innovation. Jake later recruited by Ogilvy & Mather to build their existing beauty business via global tv advertising campaigns. Most recently as a founding partner of August Agency, Jake has been developing product and advertising for some of the most important luxury brands in beauty. 

GREG KADEL is a us born fashion photographer and filmmaker based In New York. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Kadel moved to NY to study marine biology and Fine Art. Upon completion of his studies, He discovered his passion for photography and filmmaking. His images have been described as "classic with a modern flair" and he is respected for his unique ability to bring the best out of his subjects. He currently spends his time working between New York, Paris and Los Angeles. Greg Kadel's images have appeared in publications including Allure, American Vogue, Vogue Italia, Vogue Nippon, l'uomo Vogue, Vogue Paris, Vogue Germany, Vogue China, Numéro, Numéro Homme, Muse, Visionaire, I-D, Industrie, The Face, Another Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, British Gq, 10 Magazine, V and Visionaire. His advertising clients include Anna Sui, Aussie, Aveda, Bergdorf Goodman, Chantelle, Christian Dior, Clarins, Diane Von Furstenburg, Elie Tahari, Fekkai, George Rech, Guilty Brotherhood, Hermes, H&M, Isetan, Jill Sander, John Richmond, Lancome, La Senza, Loewe, Longchamp, Louis Vuitton, l'oreal, Max Mara, Maybelline, Neiman Marcus, Oscar De La Renta, Passionata, Salvatore Ferragamo, Sephora, Shiseido, Valentino, And Victorias Secret. Greg Kadel's Celebrity Clients Include Britney Spears, Yoko Ono, Woody Harrelson, Michael Stipe, Casey Affleck, Stella Mccartney, Ioan Gruffudd, Claire Danes, Ben Chaplin, Maurizio Cattelan, Kiera Chaplin, Hedi Slimane, Megan Fox, Kate Bosworth, Rosie Huntington Whitely, Mia, Avril Lavigne, and Rosario Dawson. Www.Gregkadelstudios.Com


Good morning contemporary art lovers!
A week ago, Vacheron Constantin, the world’s oldest watch manufacturer with more than 250 years of uninterrupted history, the American Friends of the Paris Opera & Ballet and the Consulate General of France celebrate Benjamin Millepied’s appointment as Director of the Paris Opera Ballet at a private dinner. Hugues de Pins, President of Vacheron Constantin North America, will host the evening with Bertrand Lortholary, Consul General of France, and Olivia Flatto, Chairman of the American Friends of the Paris Opera & Ballet. Guests include Benjamin Millepied, Natalie Portman, Renee Fleming, Lesley Stahl, Lily Safra, Anne Bass, Christopher Wheeldon, Sebastien Marcovici, and Janie Taylor.

A private cocktail and dinner celebrating the appointment of Benjamin Millepied as Director of the Paris Opera Ballet.  Guests will arrive at the Consulate General of France for cocktails and then proceed to a seated dinner.  
Since 2007, Vacheron Constantin has been a principal sponsor of the Paris Opera & Ballet. Ballet and watchmaking share the time-honored tradition of passing down artistic skills both verbally and physically, from person to person, master to apprentice, with a quest for perfection.  Both require precise timing and a passion for beauty.
On view during the evening will be a unique timepiece: Métiers d’Art Hommage à l’Art de la Danse “Two Dancers on Stage,” newly created to honor the partnership between Vacheron Constantin  and the Paris Opera & Ballet.
The evening will conclude with a performance by violinist Tim Fain, who appeared and collaborated with Mr. Millepied in the film Black Swan. Mr. Fain will perform selections from "Partita for Solo Violin," before a montage of films directed and choreographed by Mr. Millepied.

Photo Credit:[179193812]&ep=0/0/1&s=3



Good morning contemporary art and fashion lovers! 
The Couture Council of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology honored Michael Kors with its 2013 Couture Council Award for Artistry of Fashion on Wednesday, September 4, 2013, at a benefit luncheon at Lincoln Center’s David H. Koch Theater, New York City. As has become the tradition, this luncheon heralds the arrival of Fall Fashion Week.
The Luncheon Chairs are Kamie Lightburn and Jieun Wax.
The Honorary Luncheon Chairs are Lauren duPont, Linda Fargo, Vanessa Getty, Patti Hansen,Iman, Karolína Kurková, Aerin Lauder, Sandra Lee, Crystal Lourd, Alexandra Richards,Theodora Richards, Renee Rockefeller, Jamie Tisch, Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis,Elettra Wiedemann, and Anna Wintour.

Guests who attended the luncheon included Amsale Aberra, Reem Acra, Marc Anthony, Iris Apfel, Nina Arianda, Fabiola Arias, Glenda Bailey, Dennis Basso, Cathie Black, Andrew Bolton, Hamish Bowles, Geoffrey Bradfield, Mario Buatta, Robin Burns-McNeill, Sharon Bush, Lisa Cashin, Kathryn Chenault, Barbara Cirkva, Suzi Cordish, Christina Davis, John Dempsey, Carole Divet Harting, Simon Doonan, Linda Fargo, Fe Fendi, Amy Fine Collins, Joele Frank, Ron Frasch, Nina Garcia, Michele Gerber Klein, Marjorie Gordon, Jamee Gregory, Audrey Gruss, Cornelia Guest, Agnes Gund, Sharon Handler Loeb, Patti Hansen, Amanda Hearst, Celia Hegyi, Yaz Hernandez, Judith Hoffman, Iman, Chiu-Ti Jansen, Kimberly Kassel, Mariana Kaufman, Eleanora Kennedy, Coco Kopelman, Karen LeFrak, Leonard Lauder, Alexandra Lebenthal, Larry Leeds, Heather Leeds, Petra Levin, Kamie Lightburn, Jaqui Lividini, Carol Mack, Julie Macklowe, Fern Mallis, Grace Meigher, B. Michael, Gillian Miniter, Natalie Morales, Josie Natori, Liz Peek, John Pomerantz, Ann Rapp, Alexandra Richards, Theodora Richards, Darcy Rigas, Muna Rihani al Nasser, Judith Ripka, Sheryl Schwartz, Pete Scotese, Jean Shafiroff, Nancy Shaw Michelle Smith, Martha Stewart, Hilary Swank, Diana Taylor, Jamie Tisch, Lizzie Tisch, Barbara Tober, Zang Toi, Stefano Tonchi, John Truex, Kay Unger, Bronson van Wyck, Robert Verdi, Jieun Wax, Anna Wintour, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Sarah Wolfe, Whitney Wolfe  and Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia.

The Couture Council Luncheon began with cocktails on the David H. Koch Theater terrace, which overlooked the Fashion Week tents. Guests were then ushered into the theater’s promenade for a three-course luncheon. Kamie Lightburn and Jieun Wax, the luncheon chairs, were the first speakers. They welcomed guests and introduced Dr. Valerie Steele, director of The Museum at FIT who said, “Every time you see one of Michael’s advertisements, you just want to BE that woman – so chic, so glamorous, jet-setting around the world in her sunglasses – and in the company of a handsome, glamorous man. So thank you, Michael, for all you do for the women of the world!”
Dr. Joyce Brown, president of FIT, announced the 2013 Michael Kors Scholarship winner, third-semester student Kim Nguyen, and thanked Michael Kors for his support of FIT. After the main course had been served, the chairman of the FIT Board of Trustees, Liz Peek, introduced Hilary Swank, who presented the Artistry of Fashion Award to Michael Kors, which was the highlight of the day. And a luncheon raffle prize was a stunning Asprey’s Life Ring of yellow and white gold rope. The Museum at FIT Couture Council Chairman, Yaz Hernandez, closed the event by thanking everyone for their support.
The luncheon’s menu began with a chilled sweet pea tarragon soup, topped with crispy shallots, buttery croutons, and radish. As a main course, guests enjoyed a Cobb salad with organic chicken, applewood smoked bacon, and Great Hill blue cheese. For dessert, ice cream sundaes and special FIT Couture Council cupcakes were served.   



Giuseppe Penone takes Madison Square Park in New York City

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers! 
Get ready New York City... As you may know French public got a chance to admire works made by this incredible artist in Versailles:

Penone is an Italian born artist (1947) who started working professionally in 1968 in the Garessio forest, near where he was born. He is the younger member of the Italian movement named Arte Povera.  Artists from this movement attack the values of established institutions of government, industry, and culture. Penone's work is concerned with establishing a contact between man and nature. He still actively produces new work.

Renowned Italian artist Giuseppe Penone will be presenting three monumental, 40-foot tall bronze trees in NYC's Madison Square Park from September 26, 2013 through February 9, 2014. The installation, titled Ideas of Stone, is part of the Mad. Sq. Art program – the free, contemporary art program of the Madison Square Park Conservancy.

Known for his work with natural materials and forms to explore relationships between man and nature, Penone has crafted twisted, deconstructed, and hollowed trees that incorporate nails, boulders, carvings, and more to convey the effect of human interaction with the natural wœorld. The three works are titled Triplice (Triple), Idee di pietra – 1303 Kg di luce (Ideas of stone – 1303 Kg of light), and Idee di pietra–Olmo (Ideas of stone – Elm).


Warhol meets Dior!!

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
Please allow me to give you some advice... THE must have ready-to-wear collection everyone should buy this season: Raf Simmons got very inspired by Warhol and the result is simply awesome!
See by yourself...,22793


Eating Contemporary Art

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
As you all know contemporary art is on sale but now you can eat it!!!

Designer Ida Skivenes decided to use toasts as a support for her works. She chose to reproduce famous paintings such those made by Pablo Picasso, Frida Khalo, Edward Munch among others...
Don't be stressed waiting for your breakfast but it is actually way more funny for breakfast, cocktail hour, and appetizers... Don't you think?