Good evening contemporary art lovers!
On my way to Union Square I saw on Broadway those two impressive fluorescent sculptures! Statuesques is an exhibition hosted by the Public Art Fund that brought together a group of six international artists: Pawel Althamer, Huma Bhabha, Aaron Curry, Thomas Houseago, Matthew Monahan, and Rebecca Warren. Their sculptures, ten of their major works, reinterpret and extend the language of figurative sculptures of the twenty-first century.

Located in Lower Manhattan and bordered by Broadway, Chambers street, Centre street, and Park row, this exhibition celebrates the return of figurative sculptures. However it's not in a classical way. It's playful, it's colorful, funny and sophisticated in the same time. Approaches and works are very different however they share many characteristics: they tend towards abstraction, assemblage, construction of form...

This show results of a new curatorial approach: emphasizing public access and interaction.
Exhibition runs until December 3rd...

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