A must see Upper East Side...

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
For those who cannot maybe afford buying a work like the "purple Warhol" or the Rothko that were sold yesterday at Sothebys, here are some beautiful exhibitions where you can probably find something for the walls of your home!

L&M Arts gallery, upper east side, hosts an amazing show which shows us works made by two of the most important artists of the 20th century: Yves Tanguy and Alexander Calder: "Tanguy Clader between Surrealism and Abstraction". One of the most beautiful exhibition of Calder's mobiles that I have ever seen! The one on the ground floor at the entrance is particularly amazing! So ethereal and aerial... This exhibition has been created to continue the gesture of Peggy Guggenheim who wore one earring made by Tanguy and one earring made by Calder during the opening of Art of this Century in 1942. The purpose was for her to show her impartiality between Surrealism and abstraction.

A few meters from the L&M Arts gallery, there is the Acquavella gallery that hosts a very beautiful exhibition: "Robert and Ethel Scull:Portrait of a Collection". Forty-four paintings, drawings, sculptures made by twenty-tree artists. The Scull were the pioneers collectors of Pop Art. They are known as the Pop and the Mom of the Pop Art!! Constantly present on the New York social scene, they began assembling their collection by buying works of art made by artists such as Willem de Kooning, Clyfford Still, Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman. But their favorite one was Jasper Johns...

The first major exhibition of Tatiana Trouve's works in the US the Gagosian gallery, on Madison. Deemed as a virtual artist, she lives and works in Paris and her recent works unite her interest in sculpture, architecture and drawing in site-specific situations. Exhibition takes place on the fifth floor of the gallery which has been turned into interrelated zones of transformation and interconnection.
For those who are not very familiar with her work, you will see in the same time an exhibition of new paintings and related newsprint collages by Richard Prince, a controversial American painter and photograph well-known for his photographs of the famous cowboy (A copy, the photograph, of a copy, an advertising for cigarettes, of a myth, the cowboy). Paintings that are exposed, the Tiffany paintings, are the reflection of his continuing attentiveness of patterns and potential of advertising. Paintings are almost abstract, monochrome and considered by Capote as a turning point in his career...

Have a nice and wonderful afternoon, and for those who are not going shopping at Sothebys this afternoon, you know what to do!

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