Mark Di Suvero at the Paula Cooper Gallery

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
Here is a new exhibition that shows us several sculptures- one is really amazing - made by Di Suvero, an American artist who grew up in Shanghai to Italian expatriates and then in California. He is known for his large outdoor pieces made of railroad ties, tires, scrap metal and structural steel. His assemblages of steel and wood are exposed in museums and privates collections around the world and he had his first retrospective exhibition in 1975 at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

This monumental sculpture, 24-feet high, is made of steel and redwood logs and stands right in the middle of the room. He built it using drift wood logs which were found on the California beaches, the same ones Captain Francis Drake (an English sea captain, privateer, pirate, politician and... Elizabethan naval commander) explored in 1579... The sculpture is named after the Drake's landing somewhere in California: Nova Albion means "New Britain". The exact location of Nova Albion is still a source of controversy because we don't have any information; Queen Elizabeth wanted to keep the Northwest Passage secret from the Spaniards...

Does it make you want to go to the beach? Hamptons summer session is opening soon...

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