"Walk to Walk" by Kate Gilmore, Bryant Park

Good evening contemporary art lovers!
For those who work at Bryant Park or in the area, there is a funny piece of art being staged during office hours: "Walk to Walk" by Kate Gilmore. She's an American artist who explores themes of displacement, struggle and female identity.

Can you imagine yourself wandering in a park and suddenly seeing seven women walking on the top of a big yellow base?? Sponsored by the Public Art Fund, this performance consists in seven women in bright smiley-face-yellow dresses (pink sweater when it's cold) walking relentlessly. They remind me the New Yorkers, walking through the streets of New York City, collide each other... This piece is an ephemeral monument to the city workers and urban energy.

This courageous move which is basically the symbol of a busy intersection in a big city is visible until friday...

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