Fausto Melotti at Gladstone

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
I Magnifici Sette (the magnificent seven), by Fausto Melotti, an Italian artist who studied both music and science and who is known for his sculptures made in brass, wire and other metals. He is a contemporary of Calder and a fellow student of Lucio Fontana. There is an amazing monumental sculpture exhibited at the Galdstone gallery...

Made in brass and stainless steel, this sculptures is structured, elegant, poetic and makes us thinking about sheets music. Those seven like-window forms, which are rhythmic, abstracts and geometric, represent the seven disciplines thought by the Greeks (the liberal arts) to define a rational understanding of the world. The light which is reflected on the brass and steel gives a little bit of magic and sensibility to this musical and poetic sculpture.

This beautiful and impressive exhibition is worth seeing until June!!

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