Claude Monet and Roy Lichtenstein at Gagosian

Good evening contemporary art lovers!
There are so many exhibitions and events right now in NY. I know many of you are probably very busy because of the sales (by the way, have you heard about the "Picasso" which has been sold at Christies? Simply amazing, crisis is definitely behind us!) but don't forget to go to see the galleries...
Here are two exhibitions that must be seen. Both are fantastic and shows us works whom the beauty and the quality are rare.

"Claude Monet: Late work". Thanks to the generosity of private collectors, institutions, museums... this beautiful exhibition has been made possible. We get into a huge space whom the atmosphere is very intimate and hushed. Works of art are set up in a perfect way; right height for the eyes and good lighting. This show is focused on the most important late subjects of his long and prodigious career such as Nympheas, Le Pont Japonais or L'Allee de Rosiers. This gathering of Monet's paintings (a French leading landscape painter who produced more than 2 000 paintings along his prolific career) is the most impressive and significant for the past thirty years and some of them were never exhibited during the artist's lifetime...

A few blocks away, a new exhibition, "Roy Lichtenstein: Still Lifes" just opened. Most known for the works that he made during the "Pop Years" and his particular method inspired by popular cartoons and commercial images, he also created works of art which were inspired by a lot of different motifs (fruits, flowers or vases) and themes. As the Monet exhibition, many collectors and museums lent their works of art to make this exhibition possible. Throughout your visit of this amazing show, you'll see paintings, sculptures and also drawings each more beautiful than the others, many of the drawings being precise sketches for the paintings and the sculptures...

Enjoy the end of your week. I hope you saved money for bidding during the contemporary art sales next week!!

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