Upcoming!! Morellet & Malevitch at the Kamel Mennour gallery Paris

Good evening contemporary art lovers!
I guess one can say "great minds think alike"... The exhibition "Malevitch and the American Legacy" just opened at the beginning of March at the Gagosion gallery on Madison ave and there is another one in Paris! Actually the exhibition in Paris is more about Francois Morellet's work and its the relationship with Malevitch's one. Square is for both of them a predilection shape. Francois Morellet is a contemporary French painter born in 1926. He is also an engraver, a sculptor and a light artist. He turned to abstraction in 1950 after a short period of figurative work and his role in geometrical abstraction was quite important.

One can say that it would be the study of a paradox: they both have their own way to interpret a square. they don't share the same point of view. For Morellet, a work of art refers to itself. He is seeking the absolute simplicity of forms and uses many different materials such as fabric, tape, neon, walls... Malevitch, who was a Russian painter and art theoretician, wrote the manifest of Suprematism which is an art movement focused on fundamental geometric forms such as the square or the circle. The square is for him the ultimate geometric simplification. His process is definitely way more theoretical and intellectual.

Anyway... it's just beautiful and if you get a chance, you should go. For those who are in NY, Gagosian gallery is on 980 Madison ave bet 76th and 77th streets.

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