Rudolf Stingel at Gagosian NYC

Good evening contemporary art lovers!
That guy is one of my favorite artists... Born in Meran, Italy, in 1956, Rudolf Stingel is based in New York. His work explores the process of creation through conceptual paintings and installations. I discovered his works at the Pinault's Foundation in Venice a while ago and I'm still very impressed. He also created a silver room inside the Italian pavilion at the 2003 Venice Biennale.

Once I saw a beautiful diptych made out of foam rubber and covered with a silver paper, probably Celotex. The funny thing about it? The owner can let his own mark on it by scratching, making holes in it or whatever... Viewers are also allowed to mark them!
Earlier works were rather a reflection on the relationship between space and painting by developing installations than the new ones.
Here you'll see works that are mostly self-portraits. Latest works bring us into a melancholic and nostalgic universe in which one he depicts himself into a mid-life crisis and a meditative state of mind.

I won't tell anything else... I'll let you go by yourself! Exhibition runs April 16th, Gagosion Gallery, West 24th street.

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