To those who are wandering in Europe!!

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
For those who may missed ArtParis, one of the most famous art fair in Paris, here are some very good exhibitions to see... And some other in Europe! I didn't had time to stop by Chelsea and it was raining, so I definitely stayed at home and I was trying to check what is happening in Europe!

"Paris mon Amour"... (Even if my hometown is New York now!). An amazing exhibition of Lucian Freud's works of art is hosted at the Centre Pompidou. Grandson of Sigmund Freud, this artist is probably one of the most famous living artist. The exhibition is organized by the theme of his workshop, the laboratory of the artist; inside which you find the foundation of his work (he used to paint only models who were in that room according to one particular scene-setting).
To seeing also: Tsuruko Yamazaki (leading founder of Gutai, group of avant-garde artists who were searching a new visual language) at Almine Rech gallery; Au Dela du Reel (group exhibition that shows works of art made by Valerie Belin, George Condo, Fabrice Hyber, David Mach and Bettina Rheims. They bring us beyond our real world) at Jerome de Noirmont gallery; and of course don't forget to go to the "Palais de Tokyo"!!

"From Paris to Berlin"... Who didn't heard about the exchange of Parisian and Berliner galleries? An interesting collaboration which allows the interaction of both French and German culture.
What are the exhibitions I would love to see?? Marc Brandenburg and Leigh Bowery at the CFA (Contemporary Fine Arts); Annelies Strba at Eigen + Art gallery; Le Prix Marcel Duchamp: Saadane Afif, Claude Closky, Mathieu Mercier and Peter Roehr at Mehdi Chouakri gallery...
Opening soon: Michael Craig-Martin at Haas und Fuchs gallery!!

"London Calling"... Please forget about the rain, the cold, the foggy weather, the typical Victorian streets where Jack the Ripper could attack you. London is quite fun!! And instead of drinking beer or eating a fish-n-chips in a pub, go to the galleries... A new exhibition of Ron Arad, Restless, is hosted by the Barbican Art gallery. According to the critics, it could be the first major survey of Arad's work in the UK. Then one waits for him in Paris, Larry Gagosian organized an exhibition of Arshile Gorky in his gallery from London. But who knows, maybe parisian will be able to see it soon! Also in London, the Irving Penn Portraits, exhibition hosted by the National Portrait Gallery and that includes over than 120 prints from his seven-decade career...

"Comic Strip, french fries, mussels and Art"... Who said that Belgian were only good at making chocolate?? (Any way Swiss are the best!!). At the Aeroplastics gallery you will see a beautiful exhibition about a young emerging African artist: Frances Goodman whose work consists in an objective study of the human condition. Argos, one of the leading art galleries in Brussels, gained the status of the most renowned centre for art and media. Here you will find several interesting works made by Ralo Mayer and Rinko Kawauchi. Stretched Territories, the new Frank Van Der Salm's exhibition is hosted by the Crown gallery, one of the respected art institutions in Brussels...

And I am not gonna tell you everything! I will let you discover those towns and organize your trip by yourself...

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