Some exhibitions to see before going to the art fairs!!

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
I know you will probably be very busy in the next few days due to the Armory Show, Volta and Pulse art fairs but don't forget to stop by Chelsea! Last saturday I saw many interesting exhibitions and I also discovered several emerging artists...

The 20th anniversary of Keith Haring's death was the occasion for two galleries to organize exhibitions of his work. The Tony Shafrazi gallery hosts a exhibition which is more a retrospective. They show us several "Subway Drawings" (he created drawings by using white chalk upon the matte black papers which covered advertising panels in the subway stations in Manhattan), vinyl trap, paintings and sculptures... Special mention for the room reserved for fluorescent paintings and rock'n'roll music!! The other exhibition is smaller than this one and only focused on the body painting. You will see at the Paul Kasmin gallery a few paintings of Bill T. Jones's body painted by Keith Haring and it is only by appointment.

Another exhibition that I loved is the one hosted by Larry Gagosian gallery and that shows us Alexander Calder's sculptures. One of the major interest of Alexander Calder's works is due to the fact that he developed a new way of sculpting: he bended and twisted the steel to create amazing sculptures and mobiles. The techniques of welding and bolting that he used were also supposed to reject the weight and the solidity of a bronze pr steel mass. His sculptures, made with a strong material, seem to be incredibly light and his three-dimensional figures seem to float int he air and barely touching the ground...

David Zwirner gallery hosts a beautiful exhibition of Thomas Ruff, probably one of the most influential photographer working today. This show presents a new work in two series: "zycles" and "cassini". By capturing and questioning the essence of photography he redefined its conceptual possibilities. His work challenges the viewer's perceptions and shows us how much structures can be more complex than details. The Zycles series is more based on computer screen-grad recordings of three-dimensional curves and the Cassini series is more focused on photographic captures of Saturn taken by Nasa.

My favorite emerging artist: Inigo Manglano-Ovalle, a Spanish artist. The exhibition, "Happiness is a state of inertia", is hosted by the Max Protetch gallery and shows us his newest works. I am particularly sensitive to photographs of icebergs. They are incredible aesthetics and provide a sense of calm, healing... They look like a kaleidoscope whose colors are pale and cold, most often white, blue and black. According to him, investigations of naturally phenomena is a metaphor for contemporary cultural conditions...

I wish you a wonderful "arty" week and don't forget taking vitamins, it is gonna be a crazy week!
Will I see you tonight at the Pulse party??

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