NYC Arts Week

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
Such a crazy week was it! So many art fairs, exhibitions, dinners, parties... What did you think about the Armory Show this year?? And what about the other fairs and exhibitions?

I was really impressed by the positive vibes that we could feel this year at the Armory Show. So many galleries came from all over the world and they seemed to be confident. Usually, works of art made by the same artist are exhibited in several galleries. This year many many artists have been represented. Of course you don't have to like all of those works but at least it's different which is interesting. I went several times at the Armory and I realized that a lot of works of art which were hung on the wall have been changed. Which is good because it means that dealers sold! This year I wasn't really impressed by paintings whose are exhibited. I have definitely prefered the sculptures: the "Degas' dancer" reinterpreted by Richard Jackson exhibited at the Vallois gallery, "(Casse toi alors) pauvre C[anard]" which is a political reference to the French President, made by Sven't Jolle and showed at the Laurent Godin gallery and of course some other beautiful sculptures made by Nari Ward at the Lehmann Maupin or Anselm Reyle and Jim Lambie at the Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd... But it was so crowded! Even at the opening which is supposed to be only for collectors and professional. And in my opinion, it wasn't the most interesting art fair, regarding the quality of the works of art...

ADAA (Art Dealer Association of America's Art Show) was the Armory Show competitor. First of all, the fair took place at the Armory on Park Avenue what is confusing. Then several galleries and dealers were showed at both fairs: Pace Wildenstein, David Zwirner, Peter Blum, Acqualvella Galleries... My favorite artist: Fred Wilson exhibited at the Pace Wildenstein gallery. It was a very beautiful art fair,  more modern than contemporary. And if you want start your own art collection, have a look on their website you will find a very interesting and helpful "Collector's Guide".

According to me, Pulse was the most interesting art fair regarding the quality of the young emerging artists' works. My two favorites: Markus Linnenbrink whose work is exhibited at the Ftc gallery and Martin Denker at the M+B gallery. Their works are very different: Markus works with resin, paint and he makes paintings and sculptures; Martin is a photographer who uses all the details that he sees in his daily life. But both create beautiful works of art, very colorful, positive...They put you in a good mood which is not negligible in this time!!

The Independent Art Fair wasn't my favorite. Interesting but definitely intriguing and too crowded, stairs were too narrow (this fair was the only one whose the entrance was free even at the opening)!!
The exhibition curated by Jeff Koons at the New Museum, "Skin Fruit", was amazing. Jeff Koons has selected over 100 works of art which belong to the Dakis Joannou Collection based in Athens and which are showed for the first time in the United States. It was probably very difficult to choose the appropriate place for each work of art because rooms aren't very big and we are too close to appreciate the largest sculptures. You may be shocked by some pieces because they are very provocative and innovative but maybe it's only the reflect of our society...

Even if the arts week is ended up there still are so many exhibitions to see as the one curated by Shaquille O'Neal!! You didn't know?! He isn't only a basket player...

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