Sterling Ruby: 2TRAPS

Good night contemporary art lovers!
For those who may don't really know about contemporary art, this kind of work can be disturbing!
For his first solo exhibition at the Pace Wildenstein gallery, Sterling Ruby has transformed a public transportation bus into a ready-made titled "BUS" with a series of interior confinement cages, speakers, sub-woofers, chrome fixtures and exterior security doors. The other sculpture, "Pig Ben" is a massive rectangular grid configured from a series of smaller custom-built rectangular blocks.

As Max Weber had written, our society has become rational, reasonable, progressive... and those sculptures are the symbol of the iron cage of modernity. To Sterling Ruby, they are places of confinement, stagnation and they are the allegory of the powerful traps that human beings construct for themselves.

One often says about his work that it's a new way to express underlying systems and social power structures. He works in the tradition of graffiti and street art et is inspired by urban gangs, marginalized societies, modernist architecture...

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