Fashion Photographer Pauline Darley Shares Her Definition of Beauty

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
I got the chance to meet French fashion photographer Pauline Darley a few weeks ago and to discover her work. After studying communications and completing several internships in the world of art and image, Darley progressively became a professional photographer creating ads for fashion magazines and portraits of celebrities. She has lived and worked in Paris since 2010.                             

 What is your story?                                                                         I started taking pictures when I was 17 years old simply because I was passionate about it. As far as I can remember, I never really wanted to become a professional photographer. When I moved to Paris (I am originally from Bourgogne), I took more and more pictures, shooting friends and friends of friends. Then I was asked about my rate and I got a job for a French magazine. In 2010, I decided to take up as a professional freelance photographer.                                                             
What camera do you use?                                                             
A Sony alpha 99 with a 24-70mm, a 50mm and a 85mm.

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