Giuseppe Penone takes Madison Square Park in New York City

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers! 
Get ready New York City... As you may know French public got a chance to admire works made by this incredible artist in Versailles:

Penone is an Italian born artist (1947) who started working professionally in 1968 in the Garessio forest, near where he was born. He is the younger member of the Italian movement named Arte Povera.  Artists from this movement attack the values of established institutions of government, industry, and culture. Penone's work is concerned with establishing a contact between man and nature. He still actively produces new work.

Renowned Italian artist Giuseppe Penone will be presenting three monumental, 40-foot tall bronze trees in NYC's Madison Square Park from September 26, 2013 through February 9, 2014. The installation, titled Ideas of Stone, is part of the Mad. Sq. Art program – the free, contemporary art program of the Madison Square Park Conservancy.

Known for his work with natural materials and forms to explore relationships between man and nature, Penone has crafted twisted, deconstructed, and hollowed trees that incorporate nails, boulders, carvings, and more to convey the effect of human interaction with the natural wœorld. The three works are titled Triplice (Triple), Idee di pietra – 1303 Kg di luce (Ideas of stone – 1303 Kg of light), and Idee di pietra–Olmo (Ideas of stone – Elm).

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