Giant Inflatable Yellow Ducks Wandering In China

Good morning contemporary art lovers! 
A month ago, one could see a giant inflatable duck, the "Rubber Duck", made by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. The inflatable yellow duck 16.5 meters high was floating for two weeks on the waters of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. Since the installation in Hong Kong, others are inspired such like the one dabbling in Tianjin on June 1st.  

Artist took his inspiration from an old picture (1989). A picture on which one we could see four giant yellow ducks figuring a column of tanks stopped by just one single man. This picture became emblematic of the bloody suppression of the democratic movement of Chinese students, crashed into the blood 4 June 1989, the authorities banned any commemoration Tuesday.

As one can imagine the work caused sensation in China in Hong Kong but also in Hangzhou, Wuhan ou Tianjin. Real estate developers were quick to settle on their land imitations of volatile to attract customers. To the chagrin of the Comunist Party. Chinese netizens have diverted censorship which prohibited typing on the internet the words "big yellow duck". Nearly a quarter of a century after these events, the anniversary of Tiananmen remains a significant date for the scheme, which has a draconian censorship on social networks. But even if the commemoration of this anniversary is forbidden, inflatable ducks are for sale on Tabao, China's largest online auction site. The prices range from 2,800 yuan (350 euros) for the smallest to 149,800 yuan (18,800 euros) for a sample of 20 meters.

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