Larry Clark at the MAMVP: censured by the city of Paris

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
I saw the exhibition Kiss the past hello last week and I clearly don't understand why it has been censured. Even prohibited under 18 years old! Come on it si not the first time that a picture of a threesome or a penis is exhibited. In a different way, Araki, the Surealism, even the German expressionism, can be as provocative as him. However I totally understand that some people can be shocked...

Born in 1943, Larry Clark is an American artist who tried to show through his work the real American Youth and all the problems that are related: alcohol and drugs addiction, using weapons, sex... At the beginning he took pictures and filmed his friends and himself. then he met different groups of young people and became a part of their gang. His work shows us a disenchanted Youth on the margins of the society. Pictures are not so big however they are very intense.

Exhibition takes place in the same museum (MAMVP) as the Basquiat's one. However this one runs until Januray 2sd. So if you're not too high after the NYE you should go!

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