Basquiat at the MAMVP

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
It's with no doubt one of the most beautiful exhibitions about Basquiat I've ever seen. I remember the one in Milan. There is nothing to compare. Or maybe just the works that are hung on the walls. The display of the artworks is very clear and the organisation in the space of the museum is well done. For those who don't really know his work, explanations are comprehensible and easy to read.

Basquiat's universe is a mix between myths and religion, profane and sacred, voodoo and texts from the Bible... He gave us his own definition the Black-American culture: violente, underground, anarchic. He was proud of his African roots and his negritude. We can find in his artworks all the influences he got from Warhol, music, boxe, his everyday life... He used to paint on every kind of supports such as doors, windows, canevas, planks even a refrigerator!

A must to see!!! Exhibition runs until January 30th.

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