Thierry Bisch

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
Let me introduce to you this French artist, Thierry Bisch. He's into everything. He's a painter, a drawer but he's also one of the founders of an independant rock label: Reflexes. He worked with the French designer Thierry Mugler who pushed him to become an artist. He wrote and produced a movie about him and he was his personal photograph assistant.

Portraits of animals became one of the most important part of his work for some time. Most of them are executed in black charcoal on a monochrom, faded and worn linen. The Pink Rabbit is certainly the high spot of his career. In 2010, brushes, paint and canvases disappear in favour of graphic palette and aluminium. Prints are avalaible at LCT Publishing...

He's one the major artists who work at the Hotel Lutetia in Paris  and he has been nominated "Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres", famous French distinction, in 2007.

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