Andy Warhol in Union Square...

Good evening contemporary art lovers!
Even if winter hasn't really started yet, one already speaks about spring. The Public Art Fund (leading presenter of artists' projects, new commissions, and exhibitions in Public spaces) scheduled the installations of three massive sculptures this spring. 20 sculptures - minimal structures - made by Sol LeWitt, an American artist who died 3 years ago, will be installed in City Hall Park downtown. A "gateway" made by Eva Rotschild, an iris artist based in London, will be placed in front of the Plaza at the entrance to Central Park. That piece is supposed to be "the form of a multidirectional arch". And finally, a 10-foot-tall bronze sculpture of Andy Warhol will be exhibited in Union Square.

This sculpture is made by Rob Pruitt, an American visual artist based in New York. He decided to put the sculpture, called "The Andy Monument", on the corner of 17th street and Broadway which is actually the location of the Factory. He depicted Warhol wearing blue jeans and a tweed jacket. "Andy" is posing with a camera around his neck and he's carrying a shopping bag full of magazines. One says it would be issues of the Interview magazine. Warhol helped found it and he would have been seen in Union Square, standing here and giving out the magazines to the crowd.

Exhibition will be open on March 1st and will run until Aug. 28th.
Will I meet at the Warhol's Factory party this saturday?

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