NARA!! "Nobody's fool"

Good evening contemporary art lovers!
Right in the middle of Park Avenue (midtown east) you'll see two enormous white sculptures that are facing each other. Two huge little girls who perfectly depict the universe of Yoshitomo Nara, a Japanese artist born in 1959. I didn't really know his work but the exhibition, his first one in NY, is stunning! You'll see it at the Asian Society on Park.

Exhibition shows us more than one hundred works including sculptures, paintings, ceramics, drawings... You get into his world and there are so many works! It helps you to understand his sensibility and his own universe. You get into his mind by getting into real little houses full of drawings, paintings, sculptures... Each room depicts a different topic. All is about dream, childhood, animals, associated to the popular culture.

And for those who have time, stop by Sotheby's to see the exhibition. Sales are next week!!

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