What happened in the past three months??!!

Good evening contemporary art lovers!
Living in NYC makes me so happy! So many contemporary art exhibitions (Reyle and Serra at Gagosian; Shiota at Goff+Rosenthal; Cohen and Kocks at Winster Wachter Fine Art; Ryman at Marlborough....), so many museums exhibitions (Ron Arad at the MoMa; Kandinsky at the Guggenheim...), the contemporary art sales at Sotheby's and Christie's, so many things to do but never enough time... You will probably never meet me at any opening because actually I don't really like it! Galleries and museums are usually too crowed and people don't really care about art. It is "cool" to be seen at an opening, but I am not this kind of socialite!  Whatever, I am gonna tell you what were my favorite exhibitions in the last past three months. Who are the young emerging artists I discovered, or who are those I love!!!
Have a good night!!

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  1. Delphine.. Darling happy new golden decade 8 A perfect 2010 8 More more more Mwoaaahz
    Eric ( le Montana )