Anselm Reyle at Gagosian

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
Here we go... Let's talk about one of the most impressive exhibitions which has been shown in the last past three months. Anselm Reyle at the Gagosian gallery. The first time I saw his work I felt in love...

Born in Germany, he lives and works in Berlin. He is represented by Galerie Almine Rech in Brussels and Paris, Gagosian gallery in New York, Andersens Contemporary Art in Copenhagen...
In most of his paintings, he incorporates contemporary objects which are covered by fluorescent paint or which are associated with such futuristic materials. Paint has the same importance than objects. Neon light, silver Mylar and sheets of mirror take also an important part in his work. This kind of work is very intense. Objects which are incorporated in his works of art can eventually remind us some everyday objects. They have been taken from his immediate environment but they are newly autonomous. Regarding his predecessors but in a different way, we can say that he dissociates objects from their original contexts.

All his compositions are meticulously organized but on the other side we can't forget to mention their rock'n'roll and pop demeanour: splinters of mirrors, flashy colors, splatters... They are as easy as possible and they involve a change of color, light or even context.
His works of art are a kind of interplay between two and three dimensions. A mix between painting and sculpture. Crumpled papers are my favorite! He combines painted aluminum foils and canvas or wooden panels (most of the time: purple, green and silver).

To all of you who don't understand abstract art or simply denigrate it, just go to his next exhibition and let's talk about it after!
Have a good day...

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