Ron Arad at the MoMa

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
Have you seen Ron Arad's exhibition at the MoMa? His work is just amazing! Born in 1951 in Tel Aviv, he is an architect but also one of the most influential industrial designers of our time. If you don't know him, you know what to do!!!

Ron Arad studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem and at the London's Architectural Association. He lives and works in London. This exhibition is the first major representative of Arad's works in the USA. Smaller than the one that was organized a few months ago in Paris but still very interesting. They showed an outstanding array of his work. Over the past twenty-five years, he designed memorable and huge spaces  but also a lot of furniture and innovative objects. Mediums with which he uses to work are carbon fiber, polyurethane, plastic... His work is based upon the computer and its capacities as on the soldering apparatus in his metal workshop. Some of his furniture are able to receive and display SMS, Bluetooth messages... His work is joyful, humorous and highly innovative.

The first thing I saw just at the entrance, on the right side, was the "Cartier" tables. In my opinion, one of his most beautiful works of art! Uncluttered outlines, harmonious curves... tables seem to be integrated in the walls and the space. Different sizes, different heights, he has declined it several manners.

Ron Arad is also very famous for his chairs, armchairs and seats. Even if it doesn't look very comfortable, you just want to try and sit down! But don't forget that those furniture are more sculptures than chairs, armchairs. Regarding the outlines, proportions, dimensions... the accomplished work by his studio is unbelievable. Usually, most of his works are silvered but sometimes the color gives to the furniture all its intensity.

They showed us a lot of lamps, but the one that I like is: the "pizzakobra" lamp! You can give it all the different forms that you want. Designed for "iGuzzini illuminazione", this lamp can be twisted in so many ways. It can be flat as a pizza or curved as a kobra. Very chic and very contemporary!
And of course, they also showed us very big shelves, one of them, the bookshelf, designed for Kartell in 1993. The one which is curved on the wall!!

His work is now predominantly architectural and he has been appointed Professor of Furniture and of Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art in London.  Hope I gave you the envy to discover his work...
Ron... If you read my article, I am gonna move soooon...
Wish you a good day!!

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