Steven Sebring RevolutionS the art world!!!

When I got into the Armory to see his Revolution opening on Lex a few weeks ago, well how could I describe what I saw and how could I talk about it?!… The only words that came right in my mind when I first looked at it were like: WAOUH - BOOM - EXPLOSION - ATOMIC - REVOLUTION - FRIGHTENING - FEAR - EXCITEMENT - EROTICISM - ATTRACTION - SEXUALITY - SENSUALITY - DISTURBING - OBSESSION - CONVULSIVE BEAUTY - TRANCE - AND ROCK'N'ROLL … 

For the really first time in my life I felt confused. I've got so many different feelings that all came in the mean time by only watching a work of art. I was shaking, feeling warm and cold, impressed, envious, excited… well my only advice would be to check it by yourself! Each of his work is the combination of painting-photography-dance-music-theater-fashion… sound and smell might be the two only things that were missing. But luckily for us we were able to watch many videos related to the works on a huge screen while drinking a really good glass of red wine. So in a way he made it!

Featuring a wonderful, nice and easy to reach girl that everybody knows, Coco Rocha, he showed us a large panel of incredible and never-seen-before works. Coco who's a supermodel well-known for being involved in the art world, struck the pose and danced  - she is a professional dancer, Irish dance - for Steven like two-three years ago when they started woking on this project. Coco wasn't the only one who was striking the pose for him at that time. Another Coco had to be quiet too! Coco Karol who was the dancer painted in white in the revolving set and  the model for the nude descending stair case photos. Steven's son appeared in one of the videos and a male model too. Why two years of silence? Well it might be because Steven simply invented a new way of capturing images!! Until now they obviously had to be very careful as successfully inventions attire envious people. 

Model: Coco Karol

He built a sort of "igloo" in his studio inside which one models strike the pose, dance, act or whatever the artist want them to do. But THE THING is that he is able to shoot them in like one second as the stage of the "igloo" is surrounded by cameras. I didn't even count them there are so many! (hhmm yes I have been there and I saw it!!! ) Each camera shoots or films each different sides of the model. 43 cameras for example will give you 43 different pictures of the same model striking one and only one pose. If Duchamp might use to need many hours of work to paint his Nu Descendant Un Escalier, it only took Steven five seconds to shoot Coco Karol descending stairs to get the kind-of-the-same result.

The videos were really cool with some touches of both classicism and modernity. One of my favorite: Coco Rocha wearing a black outfit whose the skirt kinda looked like a "cage". An amazing dress designed by Malgorzata Dudek who already has been called the new Alexander Mc Queen!! It reminded me Gauthier designs and one of the most famous Chanel advertising featuring Vanessa Paradis as a bird in a cage. Those who remember it will understand me…

Model: Coco Rocha

The Red Series is, according to me, the most impressive. Coco Rocha is wearing a long red dress that floats in the air at every moment of her moves. Can you picture her dancing and spinning around? She is like a goddess, the goddess of the dark side of Steven's mind? If only one could get into his crazy-creative but very nice mind! The color red means passion, love, sex, eroticism but also evil, hell, fire, tension. Also the beauty of the model could be the face of the Evil, or the incarnation of Life. Question is: on which side is she and to whom is she gonna give birth…

Model: Coco Rocha

Steven Sebring, more that just an artist to watch, to me a real genius who clearly invented a 3, 4 even 5D work of art: it is a photograph that looks like a painting whose the main character is a fashion model dancing on stage and playing a character. What else? You feel the movement, you feel the wavy dress floating around you and you are even able to hear the music that goes with it if you really pay attention and get into it…

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