"Picasso and Marie-Therese" at gagosian NY

Good evening contemporary art lovers!
Back from the opening of the new Gagosian exhibition: Picasso and Marie-Therese. As usual definitely too crowded and as usual undoubtedly stunning! That's hilarious to see how people can be so ridiculous at openings by wearing crazy outfits or acting like if they knew everything about art! Anyway show is amazing, once again the Gagosian's team brought masterpieces from all around the world.

Marie-Therese Walter met Picasso while she was 17 years old and became is longtime mistress from 1927 to 1935. They had a child together named Marie de la Concepcion aka Maya. Their relationship remained secret from Picasso's wife til 1935. She used to live next to Picasso's home and she was his model and muse for both paintings and sculptures. Maya also posed for him. He left her for Dora Maar who was a French artist and model. They both appeared in two different kind of women: while Marie-Therese is portrayed like a blond, sunny, bright women, Dora appears as a strong and dark brunette.

More than eighty works including several pieces that are never been seen in the US are shown. Exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue and has to be seen. Runs til June 25th.

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