Domingo Zapata!!!

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
I went last night to this incredible event hosted by Whitewall Magazine and I had the good luck to discover Domingo Zapata! Zapata was born in Mallorca in 1974, he lives and works in NY. His huge and colorful paintings are made of oil and acrylic and often including mixed media such as pieces of newspapers, pictures of famous icons and collages.

When I first came in the studio I didn't know where to look! His paintings are full of symbols. We can easily say that is a perfect mix between street art and graff, figurative and abstract in the same time. Some symbols are recurrent such as elephants and bulls or planes and propellers. About planes and propellers he told us he was obsessed with light and air which is perfectly depicted in some of his paintings. Most of the paintings mix writing and painting which is interesting because you can stand in front of it and think about everything. Each time it's a different story. Zapata's work is joyful, spiritual, very sincere and authentic.

Great evening, great party and great guy! Well known for being involved in the music industry, here is the other side of Domingo's work! For those who wander in the Lower East Side, go to 237 Lafayette st cross with Spring. Exhibition will bring you into his world...

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