Will Ryman's roses blooming on Park avenue

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
Since little while, Park Avenue was transformed into a huge rose garden. 38 roses, some reaching 25 feet in high, are growing on Park Avenue. They are made by Will Ryman, a native New Yorker artist best known of his large-scale figurative sculptures based on urban scenes and outsized flora.

Paul Kasmin Gallery and the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation turned this project into a reality. A reality which is kind of absurd: pink and red roses seem to symbolize calmness and tranquility but NY is definitely not a untroubled city! It looks like Alice in Wonderland! you are lost in the middle of a fantastic and unreal garden. Ladybugs, beetles and bees are almost bigger than us...

Exhibition runs til May and thanks to those who organized: feeling of summer in the middle of winter...

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