Harif Guzman!!

Good evening contemporary art lovers!
To all of you who love hanging out at Don Hills or all other Rock’n’Roll places, you have to know this guy!! Harif Guzman, a Venezuelian-born artist who lives and works in the City. He’s the one who painted Don Hills’ walls. His work, extremely seductive, very sensual, full of jokes and pornographic connotations totally matches with the New York underground art scene. A perfect mix with street art and graffs that rejects the “glamorized bohemian that floods downtown Manhattan”.

Funny and crazy at the first sight, his work is definitely deeper and more intense. He ridicules some “cliché” that make our society kind of frivol even stupid sometimes. Look at the Karl Lagerfeld’s picture: he’s represented between two huge penises! Provocative and authentic, his work is the reflection of the way he lives, works and thinks. Drinking beer and listening to rock'n'roll music in his loft downtown was a very cool experience! Paintings, sculptures and installations are all over the place. Can't wait to see the new studio...

Love is dead!! Rock'n'Roll baby...

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