Marina Abramovic at the MoMa

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
This exhibition is fantastic!! For those who haven't seen this show, you know what to do next week. And for those who aren't in NY, I feel sorry because you're going to miss one of the most impressive exhibition that I've ever seen... For the first time in my life I don't know what to think about an exhibition. The Marina Abramovic exhibition makes you cry, makes you happy, makes you uncomfortable, makes you laugh, makes you sad... For those who may don't know her, she is a New York based Serbian and Yougoslavian performance artist. She is an avant-garde artist whose work explores the limits of the body and the possibilities of the mind. The interest of her work is also the interaction and the relationship between the public and the artist.

The following picture shows us the first performance that you can see at the MoMa. Marina Abramovic is sitting at a table and waits for someone from the public to come up and sit in front of her. They aren't allowed to speak, to eat, to drink, to move... They have to stay one in front of the other and look themselves in the eyes. That's extremely  perturbing because you feel the tension between both and you wonder what they are thinking about...  Here she pushes the physical limits of her body since she doesn't move, she doesn't eat, she doesn't drink... but also the mental ones because she looks a stranger in the eyes for a while or for a few hours, the stranger is the one who decides the length of its passage.

The exhibition continues on the sixth floor and traces her prolific career by showing us approximately fifty works made during the past four decades. This retrospective is as sonorous as visual: videos of her performances, as well as photographs, are shown. In the first room is presented a reminiscence of one of her most impressive performance that she made in 1974. She was standing at a table on which one you could see 72 objects from our daily life such as a candle, a spoon, a perfume but also a gun, a scalpel, a box of razorblades... And one could use at her as desired. The table is shown here, with all the pictures related to the performance!

The other room is more about her collaboration with Ulay (Uwe Laysiepen), a German performance artist. Their collaboration was based on the exploration of the ego and the artistic identity. They acted like twins, they completely trusted each other and they formed their own collective being called "The Other", a two-headed body. The main subject of most of their performances are the physical resistance of the body but also the mental one. "Relation in Time" is a performance during which one they were tied together by their hair, not moving for 16 hours! The performance titled "Point of Contact" consists in the fact that they were standing in front of each other, looking into each other's eyes and pointing at each other, avoiding touching...

Considered as the grandmother of the performance art, she is undoubtedly one of the greatest artist of our century. While some of her performances have been stopped by the police because they were judged too disturbing they are now totally allowed and well known.
And who has never dreamed to move from a room to another one between two naked people?!...

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