The Dia Art Foundation

Good evening contemporary art lovers!
As you may noticed summer is coming. Wanna do something cool and educational? Go to the Dia Art Foundation. It's definitely more interesting than wandering at Central Park...

Founded in 1974, the Dia Art Foundation is a nonprofit institution which is renowned for imitating, supporting, presenting and preserving contemporary art projects. Dia:Beacon is named in honor of Louise and Leonard Riggio and presents one of the world's most distinguished collections of contemporary art. Works of art presented in the museum have been made by a focused group of the most significant artists in the last half century such as Donald Judd, Robert Smithson, Fred Sandback, John Chamberlain, Joseph Beuys, Richard Serra, Louise Bourgeois, Dan Flavin...

I personally was so impressed by works made by Fred Sandback who was a minimalist conceptual-based artist sculptor best known for his yarn sculptures - which you can see here at the foundation. His works define edges of virtual shapes whom the rest of the form has to be perceived by the viewer's brain. Installations made by Robert Smithson are also amazing. Best known for his provocative earthwork The Spiral Jetty, this american artist is also known for the major role taken by mirrors in his works. As he said: "Mirror in a sense is both the physical mirror and the reflection" it is "a concept and an abstraction"... a displacement "of properties".

Have a nice, funny and cultural week end...  

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