Tim Burton at the MoMa

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
What an amazing exhibition! I had never realized that Tim Burton's work was so varied. He is a drawer, a movie director, a sculptor, a painter...a genius. This capacity of mastering multiple skills illustrates the thesis of Charlelie Couture, famous french artist who lives and works in NY, whose subject was the polymorphism of the artist. An artist can be a painter, a singer, a movie director... at the same time. This exhibition shows us the evolution of Tim Burton's work over the past three decades and gives us the explanation about how he has reinvented the Hollywood genre filmmaking through more than seven hundred rarely or never before seen drawings, paintings, photographs, moving-images works, puppets, storyboards...

Upon entry we are immersed in the fantasy world of Tim Burton. As I stepped into the exhibition I had to cross this amazing door that happens to be an enormous monster's mouth! Inside the exhibition it's hard to focus on one point and one doesn't know where to look at. Walls are full of drawings, sketches, paintings even movies character's costumes or sculptures. You totally forget where you are, you are no longer in New York you are into Burton mind. Then suddenly you start remembering all Tim Burton's movies that you watched, you think about Pop and Surrealism as some of his works of art remind us those art movements, you want to discover his world...

Tim Burton is a very good illustrator, his drawings are made with an extreme delicacy. Each time it is another story, another fairytale or another fable that is told. The tragic aspect of his drawings is masked by humor and a certain sense of spirituality.
You don't necessarily realize at the first sight that a personage can have pierced eyes or pins in its head. He manages to make attractive a subjects which are supposed to be troubling.

His movie's characters are as incredible as his drawings. They bring us into a different world, even on another planet. Preparatory sketches for such films as "Mars Attacks!", "Batman"or mannequins bearing the likeness of Johnny Deep for "Edward Scissorhands" are also presented here. As a filmmaker, he has an usual personal vision of his feature; he is an uncompromised visionary author. Very often, two different worlds coexist simultaneously in his movies: an unreal aspect and an alternate reality. Furthermore, the exhibition, a projection of each of his movies is scheduled and the Department of Films presents a series of films that have influenced, inspired and intrigued Burton. The series cover five decades and include German Expressionism, Universals monsters, science fiction...

The exhibition lasts until the end of April, you don't excuse not to go and see.
And by the way if you decide to go to Europe in the next few days stop by Brussels in Belgium. The "Palais des Beaux-Art" hosts the most important retrospective of Frida Khalo's works and a part of archival material belonging to Dolores Olmedo will be showed.

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