Back in NYC!! What happened in Chelsea??

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
After spending more than a month in Europe for the holidays, I am very excited to be back in NYC. The loud sirens, the strong meat smell, the smoky streets...hhmm what else can I say, I am at home!
I must admit however that I was a little bit disappointed by exhibitions presented in Chelsea. Nevertheless, I discovered two very interesting artists. Both host their first solo exhibitions in NYC...

Rather a creator than an accumulator, Martin Denker, 33-year-old German artist, composes and orchestrates his images by appropriating photographic and visual sources reorganized via image-processing/altering applications into a large-scale photographic works, hung on the wall of the Bruce Silverstein gallery. He gets his inspiration from his daily life; everything that is around him can be a stimulus: from web browsing to video games, psychotherapy to art history... At first sight his images are totally psychedelic and Pop inspired, but looking closely his images reveal many details evoking the news, advertising, film-stills, works of art...which create one beside the other a strong and amazing composition.

The second artist, Pascal Grandmaison, is a young emerging Canadian photographer. The Jack Shainman gallery hosts a beautiful exhibition of his work. According to him, this exhibition is an exploration of reality and truth, a reflection on the illusion of real and its creation. His pictures are very intense and created with a very purist style. By representing a "ghost" he alludes to what is hidden and what is invisible. It's difficult to define where the line between reality and fiction is. One of his diptychs shows us a hand holding a rock, another photograph depicts a man falling from the ground... many issues that are a reflection on supernatural, inversion of gravity or dichotomies between reality and fiction.

Needless to say that you must stop by the Tony Shafrazi gallery which hosts an amazing exhibition of Robert Williams, famous american artist. But I am sure you already saw it, it started in October! His works takes us into the world of subjective theory and is representative of an alternative and underground art movement which embraces different kinds of figurative styles, manners and images often rejected by academic art institutions.

Go for a walk it's still sunny! Take advantage before going shutting yourselves up in museums or at Bergdorf...

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