Paris-Berlin: an exchange of galleries

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
Berlin under the snow,  christmas's markets, artists' squats, electro parties... What a wonderful week end with my girlfriends! I was so impressed by the energy of this city.  We feel the weight of history and the Berliners's envy to go on. It is a very dynamic city with an amazing artistic creativity. Creativity which continues to grow.

Relationships between Paris and Berlin have always been very strong. A bridge has been made to merge the artistic links between both. In 1978, the Pompidou Center hosted a wonderful exhibition: "Paris-Berlin". This exhibition was supposed to show us a comparative statement of artistic creation in France and in Germany. The French embassy in Berlin planned to organized a new collaboration. This project consists of an exchange of galleries. This project is going to give us a new look on the contemporary art creation. At the beginning of January, 11 german galleries are welcoming 13 french galleries. This exchange will take place in the beginning of February. It is going to make the insertion of both easier. The principle of competition must be abandoned. Networking, collaboration and exchange prevail because of the globalization.

"Tacheles". Probably the most famous artists' squat. Located in East Berlin, this art center has opened after the Berlin wall came down. Galleries on all floors, welding shop in the yard... They appear to be more workshops than contemporary art galleries. However, this place is an institution in Berlin. Bars on the ground floor, underground parties...that place is kind of cool!

Mehdi Chouakri opened his own gallery four years ago, currently hosting a very interesting exhibition. Born in 1973, Vincent Szarek is an american artist. He is inspired by the typical symbols of America. One of my favorite works of art is the triptych made from stars. Three stars: the first one symbolizes Gold, the second one symbolizes Oil and the third one symbolizes Corn.

Zilvinas Kempinas is a lithuanian artist who lives and works in New York. His installations often use band video and electric fans. "Flying Tape" is a very good example. It shows us a room-size loop of video tape which levitates between two fans. 401 Contemporary gallery hosts a beautiful exhibition of a group show to which he belongs.

Enough for today! My friends are waiting for me. I heard about this party and I really want to go there...
Hhhmmm I love berlin!

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