Dirty Glamour!!

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
Who said that contemporary art wasn't glamorous??? Certainly not me... Art reflects life, life is glamorous, life is erotic, life is desire. Glamour takes an important part in artists' works. Some of paintings from the 16th century to the 18th century were extremely glamourous, erotic, sometimes pornographic. Symbols were represented everywhere. Contemporary artists are now allowed to paint everything they want. Sometimes it's explicit, sometimes not. Some of them devote themselves to worship glamorous, fashion, eroticism...The others choose to deride, denounce or parody it. Most often those photographs symbolize a new kind of convulsive beauty. You can't take your eyes of them!

Born in Louisiana and raised in Florida, Marilyn Minter lives and works as a photographer in New York. Her pictures, often based on images from hardcore pornography, exude a sense of glamour and high-fashion. She focuses on some details such as eyes, lips, toes... Models often wear too much makeup. She introduces symbols of fashion as necklaces, high heels, pearls... However it is not simple fashion photographs. She highlights details that we don't necessarily focus on. Often, high heels are covered in mud. Models' hair is dirty. And some of pictures illustrate hair under models' arms. As she wanted to demystify the glamourous image peddled by the fashion industry.
"Green Pink Caviar"... Her new video, very flashy, shows us tongue which licks caviar. Both are the main topic of the video. She chose an amazing music which gives to the video a magical and sexy feeling...

In my opinion, several photographs made by LaChapelle, can be considered as "dirty glamour"! Look at the one which represents Gisele Bunchen washing a car. Or the other one on which Naomi Campbell spilled milk on herself. Those photographs are full of sexual connotations and erotism. What boy hasn't fantasized about a girl wearing a wet T-shirt and washing a car? Model's body is very sensual, carnal, voluptuous. Even if the subject is kind of kitsh... Sex and glamour  sell. It has always been a source of inspiration for artists.

Fashion photographers take an increasingly important part in the world of contemporary art. Fashion photography is fully considered as a work of art. Glamour makes people dreaming.
But it's better with a sexiness side and a share of fancy...

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