My New Favorite: Tasya Van Ree!!!

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
Definitely my favorite photographer right now! She is an amazing artist and a wonderful photographer. Halfway between art and fashion, her pictures - mostly black-and-white photographies - are inspiring, intense, and some of them kinda remind us the convulsive beauty dear to the Surrealists: she sublimes the feminine body by staging it in sensual, lascivious, erotic, and suggestive poses. "Tasya van Ree has always been intrigued by the everyday wonders of the visual world.

"She  has always been intrigued by the everyday wonders of the visual world. The sense of expansive awareness that for van Ree is a prerequisite to photography enables her to capture the small everyday flashes of insight that come when we are open to them and often go before we can fully grasp or appreciate them. Her extraordinarily vivid images are also a testimony to her eye for form and composition. Her photographs are infused with romanticism, darkness, intimacy, and a certain lyrical quality. They also capture the essence of the people, the landscape, and the intricacies of both the animate and inanimate worlds, and are a sort of meditation in seeing the powerful testaments between the relationship of human presence and transitory nature."

Copyright Tasya Van Ree

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