Jean-Baptiste Huynh "Remanence" at the Louvre

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
Yesterday night the luckiest of us have had the chance to admire the latest photographs of Jean-Baptiste Huynh at the Louvre. He's a French-born (1966) photographer who's well known for his portraits in black and white. His work is focused on light and lighting. Wether it's a portrait or a still life, the creative process for each shooting is based on essence: an often single subject, a single source of light, a neutral bottom in background. Sonnabend Gallery in NY represents his work, around the notion of transition and of course focusing on the light. The Louvre invited him to exhibit a new series inspired by the museum collection...

In this exhibition he revisits some of the masterpieces that belong to the collection of the Louvre in his own way. A piece of a Greek face, a twilight landscape, the flame of a candle, a skull made of crystal, a strainer... are all highlighted on a deep black background.

Exhibition runs from October 4th to December 31st 2010.

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