Sigalit Landau: "Soil Nursing" at the Kamel Mennour Gallery

Good morning contemporary art lovers!

The Kamel Mennour Gallery - one of the most famous and well known galleries in Paris - is pleased to announce its latest exhibition which choose to show the new work of Sigalit Landau, an Israeli-born artist (1969) who lives and works in Tel Aviv. As you may know Kamel Mennour is a French self-taught art dealer who became one of the best because of his passion for art and his relation with the artists. Their collaboration started a few years ago and its new exhibition is focused on three videos and several photographs that basically show the viewer the work done by the workers in the olive groves. 

After a very warm welcoming, Kamel explained us and told us about Sigalit work, her inspirations, her goals… Palestinians workers are working on Israeli lands. The tone is set. It's difficult to pay attention to the intensity of her work if we only look at the pictures. the sizes of the videos are huge, monumentales and they reprensent the collect of olives. At the first sight, it seems to be a very calm and peaceful day and suddently the machines are setting off. All the serenity of the scene is gone... We think about the duality between Israelis and Paslestinians. The small farmers, who used to get in the harvest hardly and with their own hands, are suddenly stumped by the arrival of those new machines. The first rom is though : the duality between Israelis ans Palestinians ; the calm of a harvest and the harsh sound of the machines, the sunlight that one can see through the branchs and the sound of the olives falling down from the trees…

In the second room, she decided to show another side of her work. She's one of those women who got the chance to become a mother later in life. This room is dedicated to her maternity, to her fears, to her apprehensions. Her sculptures, all made out of different types of marble, are the perfect representations of pillows that help women to breast-feed their babies.

Once again one can feel the contrast between the unbearable noise of the other room and the serenity of this one. One wants to talk in a low voice !!
Exhibition runs until July 25 and I really encourage all of you that are in Paris to go to see this exhibition ! 

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