"Escape Hotel Stories" by Francisca Matteoli

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
A few days ago I've been invited to a party hosted by Assouline, the famous publisher. It wasn't exactly a party but rather a cocktail in the honor of Francisca Matteoli whose the new book is entitled "Escape Hotel Stories".

Chilean-born with Scottish origins on the mother side, Francisca, spent her childhood in South America. She's now living in Paris after spending many years in Brazil. From all of those trips, she retained a deep love and admiration for Nature, the beauty of landscapes, the serenity and the inspiration she could find... She wrote many travel essays and books. Her last travel book is based on some of the world's most stunning hotels and follow in the footsteps of influential writers and inspirational artists who took refuge in many different places equally serene and inspiring. She brings us into her own world and reveals us all her favorite places where each time a hotel developed a unique relationship with its surrounding universe.

Credit: Assouline
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