Domingo Zapata!!! Artist to watch...

Good evening contemporary art lovers! A
Domingo Zapata is a Spanish-born artist (1974) who maintains studios at the historic Bowery Hotel in New York City, the legendary Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. He’s well-known for his works which explore themes of sexuality, opulence, and vitality. Texts and visual cues can also be included in his works that attracte many of the world’s most prestigious collectors. He’s an “artist to watch” and he will announce the details of his first museum show in the coming months.

1- Domingo, have you always wanted to become an artist? Who are the artists who have influenced in your youth or the works of art that have thrilled you?
“I have always been a painter, an artist throughout all of my life. I choose to do this fulltime now and all the experiences I had in the past have contributed to what I create today. Paul Cezanne to me is the master of Modern art! From him Picasso developed and open all the new doors to my inspiration… I try to learn about Cezanne everyday looking for answers and bring it contemporary using today’s techniques.”

2 - You explore themes such as sexuality, opulence, vitality through colorful, bright and joyful paintings. What message would you like to pass on through your art?
“I am using a more urban approach with mixed-media, influenced by the streets near where I stay and the time I have spent in New York. I love using vintage posters and imagine what would happen to them if they were posted in the street. What would street artists do to them? How the weather might affect them.
Polo horses remind me of my youth and love for horses.
Bullfighting is a passion that I even practice when I go back to Spain at my friend El Litri’s estate (he is the best bullfighter in the world and one of the nicest people I know). He is my inspiration for this motif....


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