"Paris - Delhi - Bombay" Beaubourg - Centre Pompidou Paris

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
For the past few years, the Indian contemporary art scene gets itself talked about. I've been to Delhi and Bombay a long time ago and I was lucky to meet artists such Subodh Gupta and his wife Bharti Kher, Shilpa Gupta, Anita Dube, Thukral and Tagra... and many other artists, designers and curators. That was an incredible and intersting experience. A trip that brougth me into a spiritual and magic world recreated through this exhibition.

Curated by Alain Seban, president of the "Centre Pompidou" in Paris, this exhibition aims to provide a link between the French and Indian contemporaries art scenes. 30 Indian artists and 17 French artists have been invited to participate at the exhibition. 70% of the works were specially made for the show. As well as works of art like paintings, sculptures or installations, one can read historical and economical comments that can help us to understand the Indian history and its sociological aspects. Unfortunately for those who expected to see a funny and kitsh exhibition based on Bollywood pictures and movies, that's not the purpose of the show.

Welcomed by the enormous head of Tara, gilded with gold leaves and made by Ravinder Reddy, the viewer wanders into a circular area. Reddy is well-known for his huge sculptures based upon iconographical Pop pictures and indian traditions. He refers to the "Yakshis" deities. Anita Dube's works denounce the social conditions of the gay community. Subodh Gupta incorporates ubiquitous everyday objects in order to emphasis on the economic transformations of his country. Most of the time he creates huge sculpture made of kitchenware. Pierre & Gilles, a French duet, discovered Bollywood in 1978 and it's gonna be the beginning of a new era in their work. They were very influenced by all the colors, the kitsh, the traditions...of India....

Many other would deserve I write about their work but it's always better to see by itself! Exhibition runs until September 19th!

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