Antony Gormley

Good afternoon contemporary art lovers!
For those who stay in New York this summer, I greatly encourage you to stop by Union Square and Madison Square Park among other places. 31 body form sculptures are installed randomly in Manhattan. Made by Antony Gormley (an English sculptor born in 1950), sculptures are a part of the exhibition called Event Horizon, which runs until August 15.

One of them is installed right in front of the iconic Flatiron building. The sculpture is made of iron and fiberglass and cast from Gormley's own body. This is very funny because while you are walking in the street you run into that "guy" who's actually the "iron man" made in Manhattan! You can also catch sight of someone on the top of one of the buildings at Union Square (I think it's the one in front of the W Hotel!). Nobody is suicidal, it's just another sculpture!!
Gormley is one of most celebrated British artist. Through this exhibition, he's finally introduced to the American public. Over the last 25 years, he was focused on the revitalization of the human body and its image in sculpture. He drastically investigates the human body as a place of memory and uses his own body as a subject, tool and material.
Have fun trying to discover where the sculptures are hidden!!!

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